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Are you dealing with crippling debt? Can’t seem to get ahead? Always making payments but the balances never go down? Facing lawsuits, garnishment, foreclosure, repossession, endless collections calls? We are here to give you back your peace of mind.

When you meet with us, we will thoroughly analyze your situation and craft the best solution for you, whether it is bankruptcy or debt settlement. We care about YOU and will take the extra time to give you personalized, individual, attention as we guide you to DEBT FREEDOM.

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We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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What Bankruptcy Can Do For You

Freedom from Debt: A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can completely zero out all of your credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and most other types of unsecured debt, even some past tax debt. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy consolidates your debts into one easy monthly payment and you may pay only a fraction of what you owe.

Freedom from Debt Collector Harassment: Filing bankruptcy stops all collection activity against you, including phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and regular mail.

Freedom from Bad Credit: In most cases, bankruptcy will actually help your credit. Many clients see an improvement of over 100 points within 1 year after filing bankruptcy.

Freedom from Foreclosure: Filing bankruptcy stops any pending foreclosure on your home, even up to the last minute.

Freedom from Repossession: Filing bankruptcy stops a repossession and can even get your car back if they already took it.

Freedom from Garnishment: Filing bankruptcy stops garnishments and can even recover money already garnished.

Keep Your Car & Your House & Your Stuff: You almost always have the option to save both your car and your house in bankruptcy. Don’t fall for the misconception that you will automatically lose your house if you file for bankruptcy. For most people, you will be able to keep ALL of your assets when you file bankruptcy.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Learn Your Options

We have 3 convenient locations in the eastern Metro Atlanta area: our John’s Creek, Grayson, and Monroe offices. We also have options for a phone consultation or an online video consultation via Zoom. When you are struggling with debt, there are lots of factors at play which are unique to your individual situation. Bankruptcy and debt laws are complex. Generalized information is not enough to make good decisions. It is always best to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy attorney so you can get the best advice for YOUR situation. Call 404-913-6992 today to schedule a free, confidential, no obligation consultation.

We are now able to completely prepare and file your bankruptcy case without you even having to leave your home!  Call 404-913-6992 to schedule your appointment now and learn your debt relief options during these difficult times.


About Our Firm

Honsalek Law is a specialty firm, focusing only on bankruptcy and debt relief. We are not a bankruptcy “mill” churning through hundreds of cases where you’re little more than a statistic. Instead, you’ll receive individual, personalized attention from your attorney, which is what you deserve during this difficult time. We also care about what is best for you. We won’t ever try to force you into a particular solution. We give you all the options and let you decide. Sometimes bankruptcy is not the best option; we’ll let you know if that’s the case for you.

Bankruptcy Solutions

There are many situations in life that may land you in what seems like an impossible financial situation. Filing for bankruptcy can give you a “fresh start” and hope for your financial future. Here at Honsalek Law, we know what you’re going through is real and extremely stressful, and we want to help.

Debtor Harassment

In addition to bankruptcy, we also handle Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) cases. The FDCPA is a federal law that keeps debt collectors honest. We use it to make sure you are treated fairly when someone tries to collect a debt from you.


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