Freedom from Debt


Are you dealing with crippling debt? Can’t seem to get ahead? Always making payments but the balances never go down.

We are here to help!


Things Bankruptcy can do for YOU:

Freedom from Debt:
In a Chapter 7 you can completely zero out all of your credit cards and personal loans and many other types of unsecured debt such as medical bills and payday loans, even some past tax debt. Even in a Chapter 13 you may pay only a fraction of what you owe.

Freedom from Debt Collector Harassment: Filing bankruptcy stops all creditor activity against you, including phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and regular mail.

Freedom from Bad Credit: As soon as you complete your bankruptcy you will see your credit score begin to rise. Many clients see an improvement of over 100 points within 1 year after filing bankruptcy. We even know of one bankruptcy filer whose credit score was over 800 in 1 ½ years after filing!

Freedom from Foreclosure: Filing bankruptcy stops any pending foreclosure on your home, even up to the last minute.

Freedom from Repossession: Filing bankruptcy stops a repossession and can even get your car back if they already took it.

Freedom from Garnishment: Filing bankruptcy stops wage garnishment.

Keep Your Car & Your House: You almost always have the option to save both your car and your house in bankruptcy. Don’t fall for the misconception that you will automatically lose your house if you file for bankruptcy. For most people, you will be able to keep ALL of your assets when you file bankruptcy.


It’s time to get freedom from that oppressive debt. Bankruptcy is one of the most powerful legal tools available to you. As soon as we file your case you are protected by the Automatic Stay, a legal shield that protects you from all creditor activity. And if they try to break it, we can enforce bankruptcy court sanctions.

If you are facing oppressive debt, you don’t have to be ashamed or afraid. You have the right to the protection of our federal bankruptcy and debt protection laws which were written precisely to help people in your situation.

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