The Merge of Galler Law and Debt Freedom Georgia

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. David Galler. Mr. Galler’s primary focus has always been to help his clients. Even while he was fighting cancer he continued to work tirelessly to help his clients. Prior to his passing David’s concern and commitment to his clients and staff motivated him to reach out to Brandon Honsalek to setup a transition plan. Through his extensive legal experience, Mr. Galler knew many of the Georgia law firms in the field of bankruptcy. Of all the firms Mr. Galler knows and respects, he selected Brandon Honsalek of Debt Freedom GA to continue the outstanding service and commitment to his clients and the residents of Georgia.

 Mr. Honsalek and Mr. Galler both attended and graduated with honors from Georgia State University and the University of Georgia School of Law.

Prior to his graduation from law school Mr. Honsalek obtained an externship as an Assistant District Attorney for the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. It was in the DA’s office that he gained invaluable courtroom experience with a nearly perfect jury verdict record.

Like Mr. Galler, Mr. Honsalek’s passion was to help and defend people in difficult circumstances. This led Mr. Honsalek to leave the DA’s office and work for several years for an innovative non-profit to help people. He oversaw the legal department, the organization’s operations, and managed a staff of over 20 employees giving him invaluable legal and business experience.

His diverse professional experience helps him to see the big picture and find out-of-the-box solutions for his clients that others might miss. His passion is to help YOU find freedom so you can have a fresh start on your financial life. Bringing these practices together expands the services to the residents of Georgia with four offices and an experienced legal staff.


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